The captain of the syrian national team makes appeal to avoid the shootings in case of Victory, as in recent celebrations innocent people were accidentally killed.

Captain of the national team, Ahmed Saleh, stated a little while ago: Good evening, my dear friends. Thanks God we have reached a stage where we can addres to the whole Syrian people and not just the sports audience, after our victories achieved not only by the team but also by the rush of people of all classes. Today we are a few meters away from realizing the dream of the Syrian masses, for the World Cup.

Firstly as a citizen and son of Syria, and secondly as a player , I make an appeal to every citizen who loves Syria and this team to celebrate the victory -if it is achieved on Tuesday with God’s help and support of the people,-in a civilized way…. And not to refrain all the joy of the victory by the shootings … The recent celebrations with shootings had disastrous results, killing innocents in the cities of Syria ..

These victims were on the street only to celebrate the victory .. Is it right to mix innocent blood with the joy of victory? I appeal everyone not to turn the joy into sadness and not to end the lives of people who enjoy these most moments of the national sport achievements . I address to every Syrian this message, that God and the homeland are important as the lives of innocents . Syrian national defender Ahmed Saleh.