The emir of the terrorist organisation Al Nasra, Abou Mohamed al Joulani was in a meeting with officers of the CIA , when he was targetted by the russian airstrikes.
Informations from military sources say that the leaders of the Al Nusra were in a meeting with high-level representatives of the CIA when they were targeted by an air strike near Abu Dahour airport in the eastern countryside of Idlib.
The meeting was under the custody of US special forces and some of them were also killed, likely 5 , by calculating the difference between the number of the 12 leaders that Russia announced as dead and the number 7 that were the terrorist leaders.

Joulani had his arm cut during the strike, and then entered into a coma. This strike is considered like a very clear Russian response and a strong message to the United States of America: Russia will not accept such behavior from USA, as those strikes were in retaliation for the killing of the Russian General Valery Assabov in Deir Ezzor operation room, after cooperation between terrorists and the CIA.Russia probably will launch again air strikes against US intelligence agents who are illegally present in Syria, and this will be the Russian response to American hostile actions.