High skilled Syrian pilot , gratuated in Russia ready for a suicide operation on an American aircraft carrier.

L’image contient peut-être : texteA 23 years old Syrian pilot from the city of Hama, made an official request to sacrifice his life in order to fly his Mig 29 plane with 10 tons of explosives and rockets, at the speed of sound and collide with a US aircraft carrier heading for the shores of Turkey, Syria and Lebanon .
If this took place, the aircraft carrier would be split into two parts and 72 US planes would be destroyed. In addition that the fate of 5,000 officers, soldiers and others working on the aircraft carrier, would be unknown….
The skilled pilot is graduated since two years ago in Russia. He can raise from the ground to 40 000 feet only in 14 seconds, and no Israeli aircraft can catch his plane or run a battle with it. He is waiting for the permission of President al-Assad. If this permission is given permission, he would need from 32 up to 50 sec , to take off and hit the US aircraft carrier.
At least 10 syrian eagles are ready and willing to martyrdom operations against ships careers or destroyers.dimpenews.com