150 terrorists killed by the Syrian Air Force in the town Saraqib, Idlib east.

150 terrorists killed and 12 pickups with various machine guns were destroyed by an air strike carried out by the Syrian Air Force on a large gathering of terrorists in the town Saraqib, Idlib east.

Field sources confirmed the arrival of more than a hundred of tanks and other military mechanisms to the axes of Idlib, in the largest military mobilization of the Syrian army for the liberation of the northern region of Syria.

The sources said that the military forces of the Syrian Arab Army will start a military operation in the north of Syria, similar to the process of of the south , with the aim of liberating the province of Idleb and the entire Syrian border adjacent to the Iskenderum which is occupied by terrorist groups.

The sources pointed out that the Syrian army has brought reinforcements of many heavy weapons, including Tos-A1 incendiary missiles as well as sophisticated modern guns and russian tanks T-90 , in addition to the upgraded D-Cornet missiles with a range of 10 km, spread recently in the northern countryside of Lattakia.

Now happening in Idleb: Evacuation of first-rank commanders of terrorists fromTurkey , Saudi Arabia , Yemen.