Syrian Commandos disguised as terrorists to sabotage Islamic State.VIDEO

It is a process of a series of operations that were carried out behind the front lines and the front of the victory. Where we infiltrate behind the enemy lines and we are planting mines on the roads on which the enemy moves and the methods of delivery and the bombs are detonated by the enemy and then the clash with firearms … The objective of the operations is to drain the enemy humanly, destroy its mechanisms and equipment, expand the margin of safety, remove it from the safe population areas, and on the roads used by civilian vehicles, and protect the residents, the residents, their property and their lives .

The goal of wearing a dress similar to the enemy’s bass … is to conceal and not to reveal our identity and gain the element of surprise and infiltration to the deepest point possible where the terrorist enemy Tkfiri expect to be ambushes or elements of the Syrian army … Of course, such operations are characterized by complete secrecy, extensive disinformation, and above all, high training, physical fitness, combat doctrine and true faith in the honor of defending the homeland and its peaceful and peaceful people.

This type of commandos is characterized by a high level of sacrifice … because during implementation we are in a very hostile environment and we have no lines of supply or evacuation except tens of kilometers away … So the fall of a martyr means that he will stay in place and we can not His evacuation … and the fall of a wounded man requires great effort and hesitation until he is transferred to our bases from which we set out … But the will of the Lord was always with us so that we did not lose the martyrs and those who were injured did not let him to his fate, but we alternated in his tent and transferred for long hours … Here lies the true humanity and the cohesion of comrades of arms .. We all go back or none of us …