During the Israeli attack on Syria, participated 8 warplanes ,1 destroyer and the “Dalilah” missiles


Syrian  sources revealed  the following informations about the Israeli attack.

The missiles   which were used, are called “Dalilah” , manufactured in the mid-seventies , capable to hit any target at a distance of 300 km .


The Israeli  missiles were launched  from the sky of the Sea of ​​Sidon (Lebanon), 250 km from their targets in Syria.


The  Dalilah succeeded to bypass the Russian anti air  S300 because they act as an air defense system .

During the Israeli aggression on Massyaf which recently suffered by the missiles of terrorists  , participated 8 warplanes in addition  of the naval destroyer “Saar”.

It is said that the Russians were notified of the attack, only 5 minutes before the latter would be carried out.