Israel violated for one more time the Syrian airspace and attacked by missiles Massyaf in Hama


At approximately 02:30 on Saturday, 13 April 2019, Israeli warplanes overflew Syrian airspace and conducted an airstrike  on one of the military positions in the direction of Massyaf.

Immediately, the Syrian Air Defense intercepted the hostile missiles and dropped some of them  before they reach their target.

The Israeli aggression on Massyaf was carried near al-Tala’i camp and the perimeter of the accounting school. The air defense personnel confronted the attack and the missiles which were exploded in the air before reaching the ground, were heard  in all the area.

Although the Israeli aggression was very fierce and resulted  in the destruction of several civil buildings and the wounding of  people .

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Dr. Maher Al Yunis, Director of the “General Authority of Musayaf National Hospital” confirmed that in total 17 civilians are transported to the hospital as they were injured and given their names. Among the wounded, there are 3 soldiers seriously injured .According to preliminary information the Israeli aggression was through the Western Bekaa and Kesrouan , in Lebanon. Informations say that the attack initially targeted two air defense systems in order to neutralize them.Then, the Israeli targeted the College of Administrative Affairs and the Baathist camp The Syrian Air Defense hit one of the targets over the Lebanese territory and it is not yet known whether it was an aircraft or a guided missile.

Syrian defenses intercepted and destroyed 6 enemy missiles in the Syrian-Lebanese border west of Homs And information about the injury of a hostile target deep in the Lebanese airspace. F-16Is of Israel Air Force supported by F-16Ds of No.109 “The Valley Squadron” carried-out an airstrike against Syria, according to others sources.

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