Israeli rockets tried to reach Damascus , the Syrian air Defense responded


Late Friday night, May 17, explosions were heard in the vicinity of the Syrian capital Damascus. The official Syrian news agency SANA said that the Syrian air defenses targeted light objects believed to be Israeli rockets coming from the occupied territories, and dropped a number of them.

According to the sources, the sound of explosions heard in the vicinity of Damascus, caused by the dropping of these hostile objects.

While it is not yet known the size of the Israeli aggression or the targets it tried to reach, a military source told the Syrian news agency Sham Times that the Syrian air defenses had succeeded in countering this new Israeli aggression.

A military source in Quneitra confirmed that 4 surface-to-air missiles were launched from Syrian air defenses in the Syrian countryside and attacked enemy targets over Quneitra near the administrative border with the occupied Golan.

This aggression comes in light of the political and military escalation witnessed in the region, and Israel seems to be seeking to heat more the situation.

A senior Syrian military source told “Sputnik” that “there was no need to use missile defense systems,” S-300 “to the Israeli aggression on Syrian territory.”

The source added: “Syrian air defenses have been traditional to address the aggression and the fall of hostile missiles.”

There is a video showing the response of Syrian air defenses, over the Syrian capital Damascus:

One thought on “Israeli rockets tried to reach Damascus , the Syrian air Defense responded

  1. Toujours les mêmes manoeuvres qui n’aboutissent à rien!
    A quoi sert de s’attaquer à son voisin qui ne te gère même pas et qui t’ignore?
    qu’Israël sache que sa rédiculisation se construit de lui même!
    Car, c’est celui qui à pour abitude de tuer qui ignoré se sent en dangé!


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