Western countries supplied terrorists in Idlib with Hi tech missiles.

Confirmed intelligence informations indicate that several Western countries supplied the terrorist factions in Idlib with large quantities of guided anti-tank missiles (the Chinese-made Red Arrow 12 HJ-12 a new one-man, fire-and-forget multi-purpose missile system , the Kornet Russian-made, the American-made TAO,ALTO and other missiles).
The information also indicate that these countries supplied terrorists with modern laser-guided missiles. This has been confirmed by several sections broadcast of the terrorist groups which were showing in recent video clips their great accuracy in targeting mobile targets very quickly and from very long distances .

Intelligence sources also confirmed the arrival heavy caliber and long range surface-to-surface missiles. They were transferred to terrorist groups and one of them appeared in a video broadcast by the terrorist organisation of Idleb “Islamic Party of Turkestan”. The extremist group threatened to use it in the current battles of Hana / Idleb.

It is noteworthy that these Western countries, including America are acting so, in their effort to weaken the Russian ally in Syria , thinking that this will help them to gain political gains from the Russian Federation.