Turkey transferred 80 000 soldiers in the Syrian border, preparing a big invasion to Syria


Turkey is preparing for a large operation in Syria if the US imposes sanctions on the basis of the S400 deal. In this case, Turkey will invade Syria. The joint operation between Russia and Turkey will take place in both Idlib and Manbij and East of the Euphrates …….

Turkey sends 80 000 soldiers to the Syrian border  for the largest military operation in its history. The Turkish war machine continues to transfer military units and military  to the border with Syria .

The forces being promoted there are much greater than those involved in the two Turkish operations currently in Syrian territory,  the so called “Shield of the Euphrates” and the “Olive Branch”
The 80 000 soldiers  at the syrian border are gathered progressively during the past months. This number is the double of 40 000 Turkish soldiers who participated in the invasion of Cyprus in 1974.

Their equipment is being transported both by convoys and by means  by rail from the Iskenderun station; draconian safety measures have been taken on the roads used by the army .

The operation was announced several times by the Turkish executives and will be directed to the territories that are east of  Euphrates. As Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, the operation will be complex, it will focus on terrorist organizations and will be launched in an unexpected way.

According to the medias, this operation will be directed by Şanlıurfa and Kilis, and the invading army will attack from 10 points in the same time..