Scandal: The international factor does not allow the SAA to reap its victory over Khan Shaykhun. Evacuated by terrorists, army is victorious but not officially entered the city …

Ghost town of Khan Shaykhun  … ..The army has liberated the city from terrorists but the international factor is forcing not to enter it .It is a real scandal. Among sporadic battles with the remaining terrorists, the city was completely evacuated by the terrorists of Al Nusra and their allies, but the army withdrew and remains on the perimeter of the city after Turkey’s involvement and the diplomatic fever that followed …… What prevents the army from entering the city?

And the targeting of the Turkish convoy and the diplomatic…. Turkey does not want to evacuate its Observatory from Morek, in the trapped enclave of northern Hama, so that it does not become a safe zone. Turkey is also afraid that such a military precedent may be repeated in the future. Confronting this Turkish intolerance, the Syrian Arab Army opens its front in Kebani and its heights, on the axis of Jisr al-Shughur in the northern countryside of Lattakia.

The rapid withdrawal of the Turkish point will bring tremendous signs and indications of the collapse of Turkish influence in Idlib and the possibility of expanding of the Syrian Army’s operation… This is what Ankara wanted to avoid and sent a convoy, attempting to expose a non determination of the leadership of the Syrian Arab Army and of its intentions in the battlefield. Turkey wanted also to disclose the extent of the Russian-Iranian support considering this process, as they are guarantors with Turkey by the Astana Agreement.

Turkey aimed to receive international support : Macron’s statements during his meeting with Putin about a truce and a similar twitter of the account of the (digital) US Embassy in Damascus .. The Turkish involvement gained time for the settlement of the terrorists and their equipment trapped in the enclaves of Khan Sheykhun, Morek, Latamnah, Kafr Zita and for those who found refuge in the Turkish point of Morek.

There, the Syrian Air Force carried out a warning raid and forced them to stop in the town of Hish and stay there and construct a makeshift shelter and embankment at this point to be close to the operations site and secure withdrawal of Turkish forces from the point of Mοrek. A new checkpoint against the Syrian Arab Army is created if the later, tries to move towards Maarat al Numan.

It is true that the trapped streets and houses of Khan Sheykhun are one reason for the delay of the official announcement of its liberation, but the Syrian Arab Army has not officially entered at least yet, and this is partly explained by its desire to leave the exit point of the Turkish forces open. Khan Sheykhun is associated with a very sensitive file that cannot be ignored: the chemical dossier, with the terrorist attack on 30/3/2017 where hundreds were killed and injured… Journalist ‘Seymour Hersh’ proved that the sarin gas used was Turkish and not Syrian. Khan Sheykhun will probably reopen the file to a serious field investigation that will prove Turkey’s involvement in the chemical attack.