Russian Tartous base will be a fortress immunised by all possible form of attack, radiological, chemical, biological or militar


For the first time, the Russian navy conducted its joint exercises with the navy and coastal defense forces of the Syrian Arab Army in the Mediterranean Sea from the Tartous Naval Base.

The commander of the maneuvers, Admiral Alexander Yuldachev, told reporters that the training had achieved its goals, indicating that the participating forces had followed atypical tactical methods, including those aimed at misleading and deceiving the enemy.

Maxim Zabulowski, who is in charge of protecting the Tartous base from radiological, chemical and biological attacks, revealed that the maneuvers included the use of toxic terrorists by a toxic chemical against the naval base. Defenders of the base revealed chemical contamination and identified its scope. Then, the Syrian army units removed the pollution.

Participated in the exercises that started on December 16, Russian and Syrian naval vessels and Russian aircraft.

It was no coincidence that a location near the Tartous port was chosen as a field for training the Russian and Syrian naval forces. This port, which hosts the naval military base, needs continuous protection 24 hours a day from possible terrorist attacks. The terrorists tried to attack Tartus with drones many times in the past