Saudi soldiers appeared in the “Al-Omar” Syrian oil field, some days after the arrival of the Saudi and Egyptian petroleum engineers of ARAMCO Company


After the reports of last week about the arrival of petrochemical experts from Egypt and Saudi Arabia,   in northeastern Deir Ezzor countryside in order  to study and assess the oil wells controlled by the US, Saoudi soldiers also made their appearance!

The Saudi soldiers arrived at the field by helicopters, and they are charged with protecting 15 Saudi and Egyptian experts/ engineers who arrived at the field a week ago and who belong as employees to the Saudi company  Aramco .

The Omar oil field, in the eastern campaign of the governorate of Deir Ezzor is under YPG control, a Kurdish militia allied with the American occupying forces who protect and ensure the stealing of the oil fields . Donald Trump announced last October that he would withdraw 1000 American soldiers from Syria, but then he decided to keep around 500 of them in different places to ensure the theft of Syrian oil.
Local sources, who asked not to be named, said that the group of engineers and technicians arrived in the area on Friday 13/12,  by American helicopters.
The group’s mission is to rehabilitate the field, increase its oil production and train workers.
The Omar field is run by the American occupation forces, that had already announced their need for specialized workers to the field …
This is the largest  oil field in Syria, and its production before the outbreak of the crisis in Syria, reached 27,000 barrels per day.