Syrian Air defenses against Israeli missiles in the sky of Damascus


The official Syrian News Agency, said that the Syrian air defenses, on late Sunday night, responded to hostile missiles coming from the direction of the occupied territories.
Residents of the Syrian capital, Damascus,  heard the sound of three explosions in the vicinity of the capital, while media sources said that one of the hostile targets fell in the Aqraba area of ​​Ghouta.
Military sources said that , Israeli aircraft fired several missiles from over the occupied territories and Lebanese airspace towards Syrian territory and that the Syrian air defenses dealt with them.

Video of the enemy missiles as monitored passing over Sidon in Lebanese airspace
Also, the Syrian air defense anti-aircraft in the vicinity of Hama Military Airport exploded on air , two planes drones which tried to approach the airspace of the airport.

The Syrian anti-aircraft also shot down a drone in the atmosphere of Jableh, Lattakia Governorate, near Hameimin air base.
Is it a simple coincidence between the Israeli missiles and the drones launched by armed groups? No attempt is able to stop the progress of the Syrian army in Idleb countryside