Turkish officials reveal the Russian offer of their country on Idlib….

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Turkish officials told Middle East Eye website that the Turkish army’s military preparations, which are concentrated 6 km outside the city of Idlib, are unprecedented, and Turkey has never mobilized all these military forces in Syria.
Russia and Turkey intensified the discussions taking place between them, as a Turkish delegation headed by Deputy Foreign Minister, Women Onal, met with Russian officials in Moscow during the past Monday and Tuesday
A Turkish official, speaking on condition of anonymity, revealed that the Russian proposal included new borders north of the strategic roads M-4 and M-5.
Another Turkish source said that the Russian proposal was to leave the 60% of Idlib under the control of the Syrian army, and it is required to transfer Turkish military observation points to new locations that suit the proposed borders while on highways there will be conducting joint Turkish-Russian patrols .
Speaking to reporters, Ibrahim Qalan, Erdogan’s spokesman, said that the negotiations between the two sides had not borne fruit, and that Turkey rejected the new Russian proposal that would determine the fate of Idlib, including the map presented by Moscow.