The Turkish commando group has been killed in Nayrab…….

L’image contient peut-être : plein air

According to a field source,the Turkish commando group, which attacked the Syrian army, has been killed in Nairab town in Idlib countryside.

The Syrian army destroyed several vehicles of the Turkish army while trying to advance towards Nairab….
A Syrian military source said today, Thursday, that the Syrian army destroyed a number of mechanisms of the Turkish army while trying to advance towards the village of Nairab, northwestern Syria.
The CNN Turk channel said that Turkish artillery was bombing Syrian army positions in preparation for the advance of Turkish tanks in Idlib.

On the other hand, a military source said that the armed terrorist factions launched a violent attack on the Syrian army positions in Saraqib and Nayrab with the support of the Turkish army.
This comes, in the wake of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s assertion that the Turkish military operation in Idlib is imminent, while the Turkish army announced as military areas those on the border with the Syrian Idlib governorate, where journalists and civilians are prohibited to enter.

Turkish Defense: Two Turkish soldiers were killed and 5 wounded in an air strike on Idlib…