An American patrol intercepts a Russian convoy and prevents it from passing in Al-Hasakah.

An American patrol intercepts a Russian convoy and prevents it from passing in Al-Hasakah.
A US patrol intercepted a Russian convoy yesterday, Saturday, and prevented it from continuing its path in the countryside of Hasaka, after several similar incidents, some of which almost led to an armed clash.
Local media sources said, “A US forces patrol intercepted the road of a Russian military convoy consisting of 6 Russian military vehicles on the M4 road (Al-Hasakah to Aleppo) after it was heading to the city of Amuda.” The sources circulated a picture showing American armored vehicles standing in front of Russian vehicles on the road.

The new American objection comes two days after a similar incident, where a video showed an American armored vehicle on one of Al-Hasakah roads as it narrowed the field on a Russian military vehicle to overtake it and complete its path on the same road.

L’image contient peut-être : une personne ou plus et plein air

The Sputnik correspondent in Al-Hasakah governorate said that 3 armored vehicles of the Russian military police toured for the first time February 22 in the parts of the town of Tel Hamis, the far northeast of Syria (35 km south of Qamishli city, northeast of Hasaka governorate), which is under american control! The locals greeted them with a warm welcome and with patriotic chants .
The Russian patrol continued its tour in the villages of “Al-Naim”, “Al-Nasiriyah”, “Tel Saratah” and “Al-Wadhaya”, all the way to the civil road linking the town of “Tel Hamis” with the syrian iraqi borders , and supervising the occupying wells and oil fields by the American forces
Local sources said that, as soon as the Russian forces left the town of Tel Hamis and the surrounding villages, a US occupation patrol consisting of 4 armored vehicles was brought into the area, and its members tried to interrogate the population to find out the reason for the entry of the Russian military police.