Syrian and Russian air defence have locked the Syrian airspace. 6 Turkish F16, 4 Phantom , 6 drones and 1 US AWACS were detected ….


Today, the syrian radars detected 6 Turkish F16 aircraft, 4 Turkish Phantom planes, and 6 drones in a distance of 10 kilometers from the Turkish-Syrian border. They were trying to find a technical loophole in the Syrian Air defence, in order to penetrate the syrian airspace. But  they finally flew with closed tracks and did not  dare to approach the limit of  borderline …
Through their devices, the Turkish aircrafts , were reported as  monitored by the batteries of the Syrian missile systems and that they would became a very easy target.
In the same time,  the air defence systems of the the Russian Airbase Hmeimim in Latakia  detected an American AWACS plane flying in the Turkish airspace for the first time since the end of the Cold War ….

It seems that NATO has exhausted all its options and the only one left,  is to use the Turkish planes as prey  of the Syrian missiles in order to test the Russian’s readiness.

Recent Russian statements are clear to those hoping to break the Russian anti-aircraft technology. Turkey will be a good example to avoid for those who would wish a direct confrontation with Russia.
Since a while, another  Turkish deone bomber type “Bairaktar” was shot down in Idlib. In total, the Syrian air defense has dropped more than 15 Turkish drones “Bayraktar” and TAI ANKA in Idlib.