Under the shadow of the Corona virus, the American War Machine moves to Europe without spotlight


While Europe faces the danger of pandemic Covid 19, the US is moving a huge number of troops, aircrafts and armoured vehicles into Europe.

As part of the NATO’s so-called exercise”Defender Europe 20″ , 29,000 US soldiers are in Europe.

The 20,000 American troops come directly from the US.Army, while  9,000 come from their American bases in Europe.


In a total  of 37,000 NATO military personnel involved in the exercise, only 8,000  come from the 18 different NATO’S member states. The exercise includes the transfer of troops, armored vehicles and high-tech military equipment to Poland, Georgia and the countries of the Baltic Sea, as the exercises will take place on the borders  with Russia.

The US military drills, scheduled for April and May 2020, are the largest in history.

The timing of the pandemic Coronavirus and the media terrorism about it, leaves no place for the European citizens  to be on alarm over a possible conflict with Russia.

However, the Russian Foreign Minister warns that Russia will react in case of provocation or conflict. It is clear that the Russians are preparing to respond to possible US and NATO aggression.
The US denies that it will be an exercise against Russia or a provocation .

However, the exercise will take place at the Russian border…