Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “… the most disgusting, is this fake lamentation , this hypocrisy in the colonial West’s discourse about the human rights in Syria…”


An official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates stated the following:

Damascus 17/03/20

“It is not surprising at all , what was mentioned in the American-British French statement on the occasion of the nine-year anniversary of the global plot targeting Syria,  despite its failure because of the steadfastness of the Syrians and the successive achievements of the Syrian Arab Army.

The developments have proven that  Syria and some Arab countries have been subjected by some old and renewed forces of domination and colonialism  to a tight scenario of re-establishing their control over the world ,  control  on its capabilities and confiscation of the national worth, with Israel to have the upper hand in the Arab region.

These colonial states did not hesitate to implement their project by using the dirtiest tools of terrorist groups and to provide to them various forms of support. The Obscurantism and the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Turkey  bear the primary responsibility for the shedding of the Syrian blood and for the destruction of Syria .

But the most disgusting, is this fake lamentation , this hypocrisy in the colonial West’s discourse about the human rights in Syria. Syria is stained with the blood of the Syrians, and the reason for their suffering is the result of their unjust war and of their unfair sanctions that affect the life and livelihood of every Syrian citizen and conduct to the displacement of millions .

Despite the ferocity of the war against Syria, in which all  the dirtiest weapons were used, including terrorism, political pressure, economic blockade, and media misleading, the conspiracy project against the country failed to achieve its goals and is  marching with confident and determined steps   towards their inevitable fall; most of the territories of the Syrian Arab Republic are cleansed from terrorism, and we do not relent towards its complete elimination  and the end of any illegal foreign presence on Syrian soil.

The Western colonial aggression against Syria was a flagrant violation of international law through the violation of Syrian sovereignty and interference in internal affairs, as well as a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law through their responsibility for the effects of this unjust war on the lives of Syrians; these policies require the comdemnation of the international community, this latter must hold them responsible and accountable.

The war crimes committed by the politicians of the colonial West are clearly visible, there is an irrefutable evidence even in their constant speeches and public statements .

The Syrian Arab Republic reaffirms that such Western positions , will not stop our insistance to suppress the conspiracy against Syria, to preserve its sovereignty over land and people, its independent national decision, to rebuild what was destroyed by terrorism, and that the future of Syria is an exclusive right of Syrians . Western leaders should realize this.

As they were expelled in the past with the achievement of national independence, their conspiracy project is marching again towards a catastrophic failure, and they will be expelled once more from Syria and the region, laden with the tails of disappointment and defeat.”