Covid 19: The US Intelligence Medical Service in Alert


96628In this period, where the Corona Virus monopolises the interest of every country, the American intelligence agencies are in full action concerning  the “Corona Virus Crisis”, according to current media reports and informations .

According to current media reports and various informations as the Reuters News, which corresponded to the News Service of  “Yahoo” , the Director of the National Intelligence, responsible for all the 17 US intelligence agencies, informed the White House that he had ordered real-time data on the origin, development, spread, and control of the Corona virus.

This work it is not only under the responsibility of the famous  CIA. The United States is one of the few countries that disposes a medical and health  intelligence service, which is known as the National Center for Medical Intelligence (NCMI), and functions under the authority of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

The NCMI is now charged with the mission  of collecting informations about  the Covid 19. Sources near or familiarised with this service, had indicated that the American intelligence services use a wide range of means in order to obtain the necessary informations.


Those  means of research of relevant informations are not limited to the follow up of the official reports of the other countries, or to the media, or to  sources on Internet or to social network  media.  In addition to all these,  American services use all other intelligence tools such as aerial photos, satellites, agents and informants, as well as eavesdropping on Communication operations.

For example, agents inside the Chinese leadership or informants on the Iranian soil especially charged for the Ministry of Health could be asked about the unofficial numbers of the injured or about unknown methods of spreading the infection or about strategies to combat it. Also, if the American eavesdroppers succeed to penetrate into government communications, they listen to every confidential reports about Covid 19 of high national interest of the countries concerned

It is rather impossible to cure Corona or stop its spread in American soil by the US spy operations and intelligence services . Alrhough,  they can provide a deep knowledge of the epidemic which will facilitate the task of the American decision makers . Thus, govermental anxiety can be reduced. The provided informations can help to  the localisation of the disease , to be quickly recognised  , and thus to give the available time for the elaboration of  plans and measurement of  capacities for the implementation of the virus abroad .

Of course, all these provided informations contribute in preventing and assessing  the eventual political and economic damages caused by the Covid 19. The decision makers for serving their financial priorities, they will apply a widespread misinformation campaigns and sharp the blame for the global epidemic .

Indeed, the intelligence services that are now  working on the file of the “Corona Crisis”  provide information  to the american government in which nobody  else can have access.

The american intelligence health / medical service is particularly interested  in collecting information for  countries such as China or Iran. US never neglects its  political goals and is searching evidences or sources about everything concerns Corona virus, in countries supposed to be ” ennemies” . Their first research is to discover cases of virus infection that have not been   officially announced .

The border closures, curfews, and the quarantines that are currently  implemented in Europe , Asia and America cause also the closure of well-established  information and communication channels for the American spies and their collaborators.

In this case, the  intelligence health service is called to give a hand and find new sources and channels for obtaining critical medical informations which could give to US the upper hand in the fight against Corona ; mostly about the production of the vaccine by other developed countries.

On the other hand, such confidential medical data  could give to US a powerful arsenal for stigmatising its enemies ( for example blaming China for the virus) and clearing the possible American responsibility on the creation or spreading the Covid 19, as China claimed.

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