From the Arab Spring and the colorful revolutions to the Spring of Covid19 and the global colorful revolution. How Putin will react?


From the Arab Spring and the colorful revolutions to the Spring of covid19 and the global colorful revolution .. How will Putin handle the new challenge?

Putin knows how to wait and how to calm down the things. Now it is his own time. Liberals around the world are trying to exploit covid19, by turning it into a base for a global colorful revolution. The Chinese have shown that they do not understand from such jokes: they did not upraised the quarantine, but in contrary stopped the quarantine! This is their real achievement.

In Europe, liberals are expected to win, sinking countries into prominence. The idea of a “global government” is openly proclaimed.

Trump is rougher – he has a choice and it is  the only one. He ran all the way and he is likely to win. Now , everything depends on Putin. If he agrees that covid19 is the major global problem  – he’s caught in the trap.

Although, he can’t immediately denounce the swindling , as not only the liberals,  the fans of the “United Russia”,  the bureaucrats, but also the people as well as the Church (in the face of the hierarchs) , they seem afraid of the “pandemic” and are willing to join the “progressive” side. of humanity.”

What can Putin do? The most effective way is to beat covid19! But how? This nobody knowns.