More than 4000 US sailors in the carrier “Theodore Roosevelt” infected with Corona


A Pentagon official has revealed that more than 4 000 US sailors on board of the  aircraft carrier  “Theodore Roosevelt” in the Pacific island of Guam, have been infected with the Corona virus.

American channel Al Houra ( Voice of America) on Wednesday, by quoting an unnamed source, revealed  that the american Naval leadership did not respond  to the call of Brett Crozier, ( commander of Theodore Roosevelt) , who insisted on informing the Pentagon that more than 4000 sailors were infected with the Corona virus.

The same source added that on Tuesday,  the  commander  Crozier sent a distress call to the leaders of the Pentagon in order to help him treat the injured crew , but he did not get a response.

Al-Hurra channel published excerpts of the distress message, in which Crozier said:

“We are not at war and our sailors should not die, if we do not act now and quickly and if we do not take the necessary emergency measures, there will be a disaster.”

On Tuesday night, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said that the US Navy was “not ready” to evacuate the aircraft carrier and that things were not as bad as rumours spread.

Also, Esper denied to have taking knowledge of the Captain’s message and letter .

The commander of the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, who wrote a letter  to US Navy leaked to the public  about a coronavirus outbreak onboard, will be relieved from his duties.

U.S. officials told Reuters on condition of anonymity, that Captain Brett Crozier was being relieved not because he wrote the letter  he leaked it to the media.

Officially about 100 personnel on the 5,000-personnel of the ship have been tested positive for the coronavirus .

Last Friday, Naval Operations Commander, Admiral Mike Gilday said that  the infected sailors were  24, while  on 24 March they were officially 3 infections.