Why US forces transferred 8 ISIS leaders from Syria to Iraq?


What is the secret of Washington behind the transporting of 8 ISIS leaders from nothern Syria to Ein al-Assad in Iraq?

In the last days, the Kurdish forces in Northern Syria, allies of the United States, handed over the US forces  8 leaders of ISIS who were transferred  to Ain Al-Asad base in Iraq.

According to the documents in the possession of Al-Alam TV, the American forces received the  eight ISIS leaders from Syria , under the pretext of handing them over to the Iraqi government . But in reality they transferred them to Ein al-Assad base in Iraq.

There are many questions about the reason of the transfer of only 8 ISIS prisoners held in the Kurdish prisons. We all know the US administration’s  strategy for to using it’s supposed  enemies ( for example the terrorists) in order to serve  its interests .

But why, this time Washington transferred only 8 of them while another 5,000 terrorists are said to be detained in the kurdish ( american) prisons?

In a first view,  this limited transfer of 8 Daesh leaders could be the result of  riots which took place recently in  prisons of northern Syria, But this is not  a sufficient reason for the Americans ! The most serious answer about the reason of this transfer, is that these 8 terrorists  are chosen for carrying out special missions in Iraq in the coming days and that their transfer is  linked to the new US road map in Iraq.

Apparently, these experienced terrorists will solve =at least a part- of the US intelligence problems in Iraq. Under the new circumstances, they will help Washington to gather its  forces and  military capabilities at the its bases in the country.

Also, this transfer is related  with the US request to Iraq to start strategic talks, as was reported by  the Iraqi media .

It seems that the american project is to prepare a revival of ISIS in Iraq,  in order to stop the publicly expressed insistence of the Iraqi Resistance factions that the American forces in Iraq are only and clearly  occupation forces in the country and that there is an urgent necessity of expelling them.