The israeli missile failed to kill a leader of the Lebanese Resistance, on wis way to Syria!


Yesterday,  an Israeli drone carried out a raid on the Lebanese-Syrian border and activists on social media shared photos of the totally  damaged car, which was heading to Syria.

Today, the Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper, revealed that the Israeli drone that struck  the car on the Lebanese-Syrian border was the  car a military leader of Hezbollah,  cAl-Haj Imad.

The Israeli military forces failed to kill the Hezbollah leader, because the first missile of the Israeli drone  missed its target and did not hit the car. Al Haj Imad, had the necessary time to get out of the car and to move a few meters away. When  the second missile struck successfully some moments later  the car, the leader was not inside it!


Initially, the information said  that the car was targeted at the “Jdeidet Yabous” crossing on the Lebanese-Syrian border.

SANA, reported that the targetted car was   a  civilian one, without specifying the identity of the person.

From it’s part, the LNI stated that “an Israeli reconnaissance aircraft fired a missile at a jeep, and the damage was limited to material.”