Turkey started the war of water against Syria and Iraq by cutting off the flow of Tiger and Euphrates


It is the first time since the signing of the agreement of 1987, that Turkey has closed the gates of the Euphrates dam and reduced its flow of water towards Syria. The agreement obliges Turkey to direct 500 cubic meters of water per second through the dam, to Syria. Actually Turkey is leaving only 150 cubic meters per day!.
Euphrates under normal conditions, irrigated 1/3 of the arable land in Syria.
It seems that before the begging of the battle of Idlib, Turkey already started the war of water.


At the same time, Turkey is cutting off Tiger’s waters towards Iraq after opening a giant dam, the so called “Ilisu Dam” of the Tiger River , in a distance of 65 km from the irakian border, near Sinjar.
Iraqi Water Resources Minister Mahdi Rashid Mahdi said that the Turkish Ilisu Dam would have significant negative effects on the Tiger River after the completion of the filling process and that talks of a plan of bilateral agreement must start.