+18 Azeri soldiers beheaded Armenian soldiers captured…

Unfortunately, the Azerbaijani aggression started to incorporate brutal and totally barbaric actions as the Armenian Resistance keeps strong despite the Azero/Turkish pressure.After the bombing of residential areas in Stepankert, of religious historical sites in Sushi of hospitals and of schools..After the killing of Armenian prisoners of war enveloped in the Armenian flag as a symbol of humiliation.Today , appeared the signs of the total hate and of the unprecedented criminal methods of the Azerbaijani Army, as Armenian soldiers were brutally martyred by beheading..


One thought on “+18 Azeri soldiers beheaded Armenian soldiers captured…

  1. Head choppers/full of drugs/child sex slave addicts…friends of the BBC. NATO/Turkey…Sultan of Syphilis backed. Idlib/Syria…Al Qaeda/DAESH/Muslim Brotherhood/Uyghur etc. Psychos. A bullet is the cure, a kindness and a mercy and a favour.


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