American, British and Israeli intelligence agents cooperate for their new attacks on Syria

US-British-Israeli military security meetings were held in eastern Syria and resulted in the reorganization of the terrorist structure from the remnants of the dispersed ISIS in the desert, from the British-backed formations in Southern Syria, from the US sponsored formations near the al-Tanf base and from training forces in the displacement camps. They plan to launch large operations in the area extending over the desert, especially the eastern countryside of Homs, reaching Deir Ezzor and Al-Buqamal.
During the past weeks (and probably in the the coming weeks also), the intense Israeli raids on the Syrian army and the allies’ positions seem to be different in their previous objectives . They are focused on this area and strike military structures as a preliminary bombardment for the introduction of attacks that the new organized terrorist groups are supposed to launch in coordination with Israel.
On the other hand, the syrian army is believed to have set its target in eastern Syria, at the heart of the American Al-Tanf base. The goal is to regain the control of armed groups in the syrian Iraqi borders, supported by Britain, America and Israel. These terrorists have the order to take the control of the city of Al Buqamal, a goal that must be achieved before any new policy drawn up by the new US President. Joe Biden wants the full achievement of the Kurdish canton on which he relies his approach to Syria.
In the coming weeks, the Syrian army and its allies are facing a decisive battle for the establishment of control over the Badia regions and eastern Syria, for crushing the terrorist groups and for confronting the Israeli raids with new methods, in order to ensure the success of the anticipated military action.