A monument in honour of Alexander Nevsky, saint Patron of Russian Army was unveiled at the Russian base of Khmeimim in Syria, in presence of Syrian Orthodox Resistance leaders

Russian servicemen at the base of the Russian Aerospace Forces of Khmeimim in Syria solemnly unveiled a monument to the saint patron of the Russian army, the Prince Alexander Nevsky. The event took place symbolical the Day of the lifting the blockade of Leningrad, on January 27.
“Today we pay tribute to the memory of the outstanding military leader, the holy noble-believing Grand Duke Alexander Nevsky. It is noteworthy and, apparently, not without reason that this day coincided with a memorable date in Russia – the Day of lifting the blockade of Leningrad. Alexander Nevsky proved himself not only as an outstanding military leader, but also as a shrewd and wise politician. He successfully resisted the attempts of Catholic Rome to include Russia in the Western coalition against the Golden Horde, the prince managed by diplomatic methods to prevent the ruinous invasion of nomads on Russian lands and not succumb to the provocations of the papal throne, “, said during the ceremony , Admiral Igor Kurochkin.

At the same time, the military leader emphasized that Alexander Nevsky should not remain in the minds of the modern military only as a hero of the past, who once defeated the Swedish and German knights. Kurochkin believes that the image of the prince as one of the founders and defenders of Russian statehood, who showed himself both on the battlefield and in diplomacy, is still relevant eight centuries later.
Ιn turn, the rector of the Church of the Prophet Elijah, assistant to the commander of the Russian group of forces in the Syrian Arab Army, Archpriest Mikhail Kiselev, stater that it is also symbolic that the monument to Alexander Nevsky opens in the year declared by the Russian Orthodox Church as the year of veneration of this saint.

“The merit of Alexander Nevsky to the state, firstly, is very great. Secondly, he opposed to the violence of the Catholic Church, to the adoption of the Catholic faith. He led a spiritual life. This is also why he is revered as a saint, ”the priest explained.
The monument by sculptor Mikhail Serdyukov was created in the Russian Federation and delivered to the Khmeimim base, where it was installed on a granite pedestal next to the Orthodox church of the Prophet Elijah. On the square that received the name of Konstantin Rokossovsky, the monument to the saint is adjacent to the monument of the marshal, also created by the sculptor Serdyukov. Syrian orthodox military leaders who led the Resistance in the towns of Hama countryside were invited and assisted to the ceremony