On 24/02/17 the Syrian Arab Army successfully killed one of the most dangerous secret agent who was the liaison contact between Israel and the terrorist organization . The next day, 25/02/17, al-Nusra enraged , took revenge by attacking the headquarters of the syrian intelligence services with 6 suicide bombers who infiltrated into the building separated in two groups. Despite the conflict between the terrorists and the on-call staff, they penetrated inside and exploded themselves by spreading the death among the members of the military and civilian intelligence.

The Spy Imad Kamal, who had the important role of liaison between Israel and the terrorists of Jabhat Fatah al-Cham (new name for Al Nusra), was eliminated on Friday 24 during operations of the Syrian Arab Army (see RT) A day after the death of the dangerous agent, al-Nusra claimed responsibility for the bombing of the 6 suicide bombers at the strategic security posts, where have been killed 42 officers, some of them in high-ranks as the head of the military intelligence of the city, Brigadier Daaboul Hassan.

The two events perpetuated with the difference of one only day are surely connected. Al Nusra, furious about the loss of such an important coupling agent with Israel, is avenged by using the most effective weapon of the terrorist struggle, which is not other than the simultaneous suicide bombings.