URGENT: US coalition aircraft attacked points of syrian army on Raqqa-Homs border.

According to military sources on the field from eastern Homs/Raqqa countryside ”about an hour ago, an unidentified aircraft, most likely belonging to the coalition hit our points in the field of Jarrah  (Homs Governorate) and this was followed in parallel by 3 car bombs exploded on our points and also an intensive attack on all our points in Ghanem Ali  (south Raqqa) south to the intersection of the field of Jarrah…all these events led to the fall of the rear points of our troops and the cut off the supply routes.
The forces present at the points are among the best fighters of the Tiger forces and, God willing, will be able to control the situation and the breach that happened …
Clashes and battles at their strongest level until the moment of writing this post ..”