Eleven terrorists were killed in Idlib, including British experts. Chechens and Turks terrorists accompanied by British experts were killed by an explosion which shook the town of Termanin, in north Idlib. The incident took place inside a laboratory containing large quantities of fertilizers, explosives and drums of liquid chlorine according to the informations linked by the so called « militants of Idlib » . The same sources reported that it was not possible to identify with precision each dead person because the bodies were completely burned.

Αccording to another source 9 foreign experts, and 2 White Helmets were killed by an explosion in a laboratory of chemicals in Termanin, north Idlib countryside. The huge explosion in Idlib, inside a factory of the terrorist organisations for the preparation of chemicals, took place during the supervision of the foreign experts, some of them Britains , Turks and Chechens. The was likely caused by human error committed during the performance of some laboratory experiments and the terrorists of Al Nasra hit a security cordon around the area of ​​the explosion and prevented civilians from approaching.