Israeli officer: We assassinated Samir Kuntar in Syria

Mossad admits  the assassination of Samir Kuntar in Syria.

A former IDF officer admitted that it was the intelligence of his country that assassinated the Lebanese resistant Samir Kuntar, during his presence in Syria in 2015.

The recognition of this crime came out by Lt. Col. Morno, formerly an officer in Unit 504,  and member of the Israeli military intelligence “Aman” who was responsible for communicating with terrorists in Syria.

Morno explained that one of the terrorist leaders in Syria had transferred to the Israeli military intelligence “Aman” the information that contributed to the  liquidation of Samer  Kuntar.

It is the the second Hebrew channel that reported on Thursday evening the that Lt. Col. Marko Morno admitte1d the responsibilty of the assassination.

During a meeting with the program “Aovda”, which was broadcasted , the Israeli channel said that Israeli warplanes entered the Syrian airspace on the night of 19 December 2015 and targeted with  an air bombing  all the building in which Samir Qantar lived in Damascus.

For his part, the Hebrew news website “Mfzak Life”, on Friday morning, reported that Israel did not recognize this process at the time, despite reports that confirmed the stand behind the process, stressing that the information was disclosed by Lt. Marco Morno, and was allowed to be published by the military censorship.

Samir Kuntar (1962-2015), the oldest Lebanese prisoner in Israel, was released on July 16, 2008, in an exchange between Hezbollah and Israel in which he was released with other four Lebanese Hezbollah prisoners who were arrested in the July 2006 war, and the bodies of 199 Lebanese, Palestinians, and others in exchange for handing over the bodies of the two Israeli soldiers killed in Operation Fulfillment in July 2006.