Iraqi secret services arrested the successor of the Al Baghdadi in the leadership of the Islamic State


Iraqi Intelligence announced the arrest of the successor of ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. The Khalifa Al-Baghdadi, the new leader of the terrorist organization ISIS, is Abdullah Qirdash,  also known as “Haji Abdullah Al-Afri”. His origin is from Tal Afar, west of Mosul, from the center of Neptune province  and he is graduated by the Grand Imam College in Mosul.

It is said, that the terrorist Qirdash was a former officer of  Saddam Hussein  who was known among the terrorists of ISIS  because of his experience in enacting extremist legislation and was famous for his cruelty.


In 2013, he was imprisoned  on charges of association with the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda.  Qirdash was imprisoned in the Camp Bucca in Basra Governorate which was administered by the American occupation forces in Iraq. In the prison he met the terrorist Baghdadi and it seems that during this time they formed an alliance.

After his release, he worked as a religious commissioner and forensic general judge  for al-Qaeda. When the terrorist organization ISIS emerged as a splinter group from the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda, he changed its loyalties and became the executor of al-Baghdadi’s orders , he personally welcomed al-Baghdadi in Mosul in 2014, as well .

After the presumed killing of Baghdadi, Qirdash was nominated as the most responsible ISIS commander for Iraq and Syria.