NATO’s secret report reveals that Syria will strike outside its borders if the American pressure continues

An Arab diplomat in Brussels has revealed details of a secret report released by the Atlantic Alliance on NATO’s Middle East capabilities. The diplomatic source has leaked some information about recent developments in Syria.
According to the report, the Syrian leadership has informed more than one members of the Atlantic Alliance that Syria and its allies will not hesitate to strike outside its borders,  in the region,  for changing the rules of engagement and of the  whole game, in case that  Trump remains in the White House, or if the economic siege continues with a possible election of John Biden.
This message from Damascus was felt like a “thunderbolt” in Washington.

The Syrian leadership believes that the Americans who imposed the deadly sanctions on Syria, with the so-called “Caesar’s Law”, are betting on the collapse of the state financially, and therefore socially, after their failure to dismantle it by implementing previous war and non- war scenarios.
Sanctions will lead to more serious social crises and will have a more general impact on the country’s situation.
Washington is already strangling the Syrian economy by all means. Not only controls the majority of oil reserves and resources in the Syrian desert, but also sets fire to agricultural crops with by targeting them with thermal balloons from the air, with the US helicopters and aircraft.
This was also a reason  for an extraordinary consultation that took place between Syria and its allies. The discussion reached an agreement about one or more steps that will lay the groundwork for a new reality which will threaten the US strategic interests.

According to NATO, the explicit decision of the Damascus leadership that “we will not allow Syria to die under siege” may mean that the war remains the only option for the exit of the (imposed) humanitarian crisis.

The NATO intelligence report, confirms  that despite Iran’s ability to absorb economic shocks and hits by avoiding a direct conflict with  American, it will continue to support Syria because otherwise it will lose all its influence in the region.

Concerning  Turkey, NATO Intelligence estimates that even if there are not any confirmed informations, an agreement on Syria, behind the curtain, had certainly been reached between Erdogan and Trump.
“Turkey is playing in the light, but also in the shadow, in order not to leave its conquered territory in Syria, despite the Russian pressure to the Turkish leadership who does not know what to do with the tens of thousands of fighters gathered in the Idlib region, after their use, during years, as Janissaries of the Ottomans ”.

NATO’s report suggests that “something” has been agreed between Ankara and Moscow over Libya. This “something” will have a direct impact and will affect the future course of the Syrian state.

However, NATO’s interest and concern focuses on the US government’s plan  (with the consent of some Arab countries) with which Trump was committed to Netanyahu for the implementing of the so-called “Century Agreement” from the paper to the ground.
The informations from the Atlantic Intelligence  are still confused about the types and quantities of the ballistic missiles that Syria was procured from Russia, China, Iran, or even North Korea.
They believe that the Syrians  dispose a missile arsenal capable to reach the depths of the Israeli territory. They also believe, that the allies of Syria provided the syrian state whatever it needs , especially after the  Donald Trump’s policy of tweets, which caused a stir in international law and international relations based in Yalta and Helsinki.

Even if Trump is in a state of delusion, the Jewish war machine is activated for the “Agreement of the Century” and only a surprise could stop its pace. And Syria is a candidate for this surprise