The operation of assassination of Qassem Sοleimani:All Against One!!

Very important details concerning the operation of assassination of Iranian general , commander of Quds Force in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Qassem Soleimani. The Kurds of Irak were also implicated in the operation!

*3 teams of US Delta Forces had been awaiting in secret sites at Baghdad International Airport in January 2020 .They were disguised as maintenance workers, and were hidding members on their sites in old buildings and vehicles on the side of the road. *This cold night the southeastern side of the airport was closed under pretext of a short military exercise for which the Iraqi government was informed.

* 3 sniper teams were stationed 600 to 900 yards from the “assassination area” (the road which gives access to the airport). *One of the snipers had binoculars equipped with camera, broadcasting directly to the American embassy in Baghdad, where the Delta Force Ground Commander was stationed with a support staff.

*The elite Kurdish unit in northern Iraq with deep links to US Special, the so called Counter-Terrorism Group (CTG), was implicated in the assassination .

*One of the Kurdish operatives who was disguised as a ground crew directed the plane to stop on the runway!.* Another Kurdish CTG operator who pretended to be a baggage handler was present in order to identify personally Martyr Qassem.*The flight from Damascus landed just after midnight on January 3, 2020, several hours before the scheduled time.

* 3 US drones flew overhead as the plane was moving away from the runway towards the closed part of the airport

* When the Iranian General got off the plane, the Kurdish operator identified him and confirmed his arrival.

*The same Kurdish operator, transmitted in direct that the Iranian general and his accompanying delegation were transported in two vehicles and headed towards the “assassination area”, where the snipers of the Delta Force were waiting.

* The 3 teams of snipers of Delta Force were ready to turn on their long rifles, their fingers on their triggers, while above them in the sky there were 3 drones, two of them armed with Hellfire missiles.

* A US military, official at the Joint US Special Operations Command in Tel Aviv, was working with his Israeli counterparts to track the cell phone of the Iranian General.

* Qassem 6 hours before his boarding to the plane from Damascus, had switched all cell phones 3 times.

* The numbers of the cell phones of Qassem were known by the Israelis who passed them to the Americans who tracked them to Baghdad.

*Intelligence experts provided electronic signals for the turn off of the electronic devices of Iranian general and thus facilitate the tactical part of the operation.

*When the cars moved to the “assassination area”, the drone operators fired at the convoy, 2 Hellfire missiles landed on the car of martyr Qassem and led to its obliteration in the street.

*The driver of the second car tried to escape and run about 100 yards until a sniper of Delta Force fired at the car. When the car stopped, a third Hellfire missile fall and detonated it into pieces…